Episode 11 | Nicole Oka | Earning Her Real Estate Badge of Honor InvestAway The Podcast

This is a very exciting episode.  This is the first time we got someone on the show who is doing exactly what it is we always talk about!Today we interviewed Nicole Oka.  Nicole lives in California, but she invests in the Tennessee area!  Nicole has been investing out of state for a couple of years now, and she'll be the first to tell you it hasn't been all sunshine and rainbows.  Nicole did an immaculate job of letting us under the hood to see what the life of a full-time professional plus part-time real estate investor really looks like.  Her transparency is unmatched!Here are a couple of our takeaways from Nicole's experience: – Get involved in as many local-market real estate Facebook groups as possible – Take action – Determine the life you want to live – Be fearless in ever evolving your strategy – Push yourself to be better everydayWe can't thank Nicole enough for coming on the show!  If you want to get in touch with her, check out her contact info below. Email – nicoleoka13@gmail.com Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/nicole.tagliaferri.5 Instagram – @nicoleoka13
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