About Us

InvestAway is a community focused on long distance real estate investing.
We focus on education and community: teaching investors what they need to know,
and holding them accountable to take action.


Empowering people to create transformational wealth through long distance real estate investing.


To establish InvestAway as the authority for long distance real estate investing,
helping investors grow their portfolios and live their dream lives
through education and community connections.

Core Values

Community– Working with others allows everyone to get further faster.

Consistency – Time on task over time leads to success.

Growth – We maximize our potential by continuous education and improvement.

Freedom – We were born to live life on our own terms.

Our Story

It started through long distance real estate investing (of course!). Dave and Bucky were based in Massachusetts, and investing long distance in Chattanooga, Tennessee, where Adrienne and Jessica were working as real estate agents, helping long distance investors invest in the Chattanooga real estate market. The four became friends, and realized they shared a passion for helping other investors realize the benefits of investing anywhere! Then, through months of Zoom brainstorming sessions, InvestAway was born!

Adrienne Green

Adrienne Green is an investor and real estate agent who is passionate about helping people build transformational wealth through real estate.  She didn’t have grand plans when she started renting out her basement, and yet real estate investing has transformed her life in ways she couldn’t have imagined.  Now she is on fire to help others do the same through her work as a real estate agent in Chattanooga TN with the Auburndale Group, and as a public speaker on real estate investing.  Outside of real estate investing, you can find her in Chattanooga, Tennessee either boating on the river, hiking a trail, or enjoying the downtown activities.

Dave Menapace

Dave Menapace is a real estate investor and agent with a mission to help others reach their financial goals through real estate!  Dave began his real estate investing career by purchasing a short term rental in Cape Cod, providing great vacations to amazing guests.  That purchase has blossomed into a full time career in real estate as Dave works to aggressively build his portfolio in strategic markets.  Dave has enjoyed the flexibility and the challenges of investing out of state in markets that tightly align with his investing goals and leveraging unique and creative financing strategies.  As an agent, Dave deploys the same strategies that he uses as an investor to help others achieve their goals in real estate.  A husband, father, and dog dad, Dave enjoys spending time with his family on the Cape Cod beaches and the ski slopes in Maine!

Alex Buckler

Alex Buckler (Bucky) is a real estate investor committed to helping others build wealth and create more time for themselves to spend however they’d like.  He had a very unique way of entering the real estate world.  Out of college, he successfully built a CrossFit gym from the ground up starting in 2017.  In 2021, him and his partner purchased a commercial property with the profits they saved up from the previous 4 years of business and moved the gym into it.  Around the same time, he also partnered with other InvestAway founder Dave Menapace to begin a long distance real estate investing business.  The real estate investing business is what really drew Bucky into the real estate world.  Ever since his and Dave’s first single family BRRRR, he caught the real estate bug and has never looked back!  Bucky believes that everyone should strive to live life on their own terms.  On weekends, you can find him working out in the gym, going on walks with his little doggo, or hitting up the tastiest restaurants around the greater Boston area with his wife.