Episode 7 | Julie Gates: Scaling Short-Term and Mid-Term Rentals

This week at InvestAway, we are focusing on scaling your Short-Term and Mid-Term Rental business! As part of that, we interviewed the amazing Julie Gates! Julie not only started her STR/MTR right in her own backyard, but she now also manages rentals around the country with her company “Sid Was Here”! From managing her first STR which was her pool house, to slowly expanding into new markets, and most recently purchasing a hotel, it is safe to say that she knows a thing or two (or three) about managing and scaling in the short term rental space!

Thanks so much for coming on the show Julie! It was a true pleasure to meet you and learn all about your journey.

Below is where you can follow along with Julie as well as reach out if you’re looking to invest or just touch base with her!

Website: sidwashere.com

Email: Julie@sidwashere.com

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