Episode 3 | Adrienne Green Investor and Agent Part 2

Holy moly you are in for an absolute treat on today’s episode. Today we picked up from where we left off on our last episode (be sure to go back and listen to part 1 of Adrienne’s interview if you haven’t already). Surprisingly, Adrienne started her professional life as a school teacher. After she sipped the real estate investing Kool-Aid, she decided to make a career change and become an agent. Adrienne has quickly climbed the ranks when it comes to Chattanooga Real Estate Agents. She’s formed her own very successful team within her brokerage called the Auburndale Group (you can find more information about them here: https://auburndalegroup.com/). This episode has so many incredible tips and recommendations focused around a mind-set driven approach when it comes to real estate agents. There are many takeaways that any new or current agent can take away and start implementing into their life immediately! Even if you’re not an agent, this episode is fascinating as we’re able to dig deep in to the mind of Adrienne Green. Enjoy!

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