Episode 10 | Renee Yarbrough | Flipping Out of State with Nearly No Experience

Wow. Today’s episode is filled with so much knowledge, experience, and perseverance. Renee is one incredible woman who is not scared to take action. When her mind is made up, she’s going to attack her goal head on. She’s a true believer that continuously putting one foot in front of the other will get you to where you want to go.

Renee has a fascinating story as to how she got in to real estate investing. To sum it up, Renee flips properties with partners. She’s the boots on the ground; they fund the projects. It’s a very unique style of real estate investing that we know will at the very least interest you!

Thank you so much for coming on the show Renee, it was a blast! Enjoy!

You can find Renee below:

Website: routefourinvestments.com

Email: renee@routefourinvestments.com

Instagram: @route4invest @rlyarbrough

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