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InvestAway Membership Launching July 2022!

Growth. Connection. Consistency. Prosperity.

Are you ready to take your investment game to the next level? It’s time to start learning from, and connecting with, others who are doing the same.

Membership gives you exclusive access to a variety of resources designed to help you learn and grow, so you will prosper.

With a value of over $20,000 worth of resources shared with members annually, starting in July we will be offering our first members a special introductory rate of $795 for 2 months of access!

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Features & Benefits of Membership:

1-1 Intro Coaching Session

1-1 introductory call with one of InvestAway’s founders! This call will set you up to prosper using InvestAway’s resources!

Onboarding Mentorship Program

Gain wisdom and further maximize your use of the InvestAway resources through 6 months of monthly calls with an experienced investor.

Exclusive Access to Experienced Investors

Participate in a monthly Q&A with one of the podcast’s special guests! This gives you the chance to ask questions, and learn in a more intimate, interactive setting.

Investor Tools

Need an investment calculator? We have them for you!

Training Library

Miss a Q&A with a podcast guest? Class happening when you have a conflict? We have you covered. Members have access to a video library of the past year’s Q&As and one hour classes. Master classes are not included, as we believe group participation is key to their success.

Investing Resources and Checklists

Each month InvestAway deep dives into another aspect of long distance investing. We don’t just talk at you, we give you resources to implement the learning yourself!

Accountability Program

InvestAway founders have their own accountability program, which helps them achieve more. Members get exclusive access to this program, and use it in the EMPWR Accountability Groups as a common platform for measuring progress.

EMPWR Groups

InvestAway is all about creating community and harnessing the power of groups to help you grow and reach your fullest potential.

We offer TWO different types of EMPWR Groups to help members do just that!

Accountability Groups are hand-selected to match investors with those who will bring the most value to each other. Here you will work together to evaluate your current path, where you can improve, and come up with actionable steps to get you to the next level in life and investing. This group will be your main sphere of connection, as you grow together you will also find that your investments take on a new trajectory that you may never have imagined. You will be exposed to other ideas, viewpoints, and strategies that will help you develop as an individual and expand your investments.

Special Interest Groups connect investors with similar investment strategies to brainstorm and share a wide knowledge base with each other. Members of these groups dive into the specifics of investing, problem solve, and develop working relationships with one another. We believe that investing is a team sport and that by helping one another succeed we help ourselves. Interest include Flips, BRRRs, Short Term Rentals, Newbies, and Advanced Investors.

Discount on Coaching

Enjoy 10% off 1-1 coaching, an exclusive discount only for InvestAway members.

Discount on Classes

Get early bird access and pricing of 25% off master classes designed to help you deep dive into all aspects of long distance real estate investing.

Early Access for Events

Interested in meeting in person? Us too! We will be holding local market trips as well as an annual conference. InvestAway members will get exclusive early access.